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The corrugated plastic plates we produce from durable, lightweight polypropylene have a very wide range of functionalities.

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Selected EU brand corrugated Polypropylene (PP) sheet injection, printing, sheet forming and sample cutting production line machines are serving with.

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Apart from our 25 standard main color options, we also meet the demands of different color tones from our customers.


Iran, where our production facilities are located, we offer you the advantage of having a strong position in raw material production in the market with reasonable prices.

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Our plate production capacity from 2mm to 13mm, we produce products suitable for a wide range of applications.


Our company is rapidly day by day in a great contribution to Turkey’s economy grew by sağlamaktadır.özellikl domestic marketing network spread over a wide area and abroad is an indication of this.


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Daily progress and expansion of construction and architecture have increased the usage of PP Hollow Sheets and it can be replaced for metal and wood lockers repeatedly and considering that PP Hollow Sheet is insulator of heat, moisture and sound it can be used as the most beautiful and worthwhile insulator, roof covering, drywall in .industrial sites, greenhouses and cold stores
Various features of PP Hollow Sheet such as full resistance to moisture, temperature changes, strike and unique beauty have made all the manufacturing specially those who considers packaging industry as an introduce to their products, to use PP Hollow Sheets for packing their productions.
The importance of quality of providing agricultural products correctly, sanitary and in compliance with world standards have made farmers and exporters to use this packing to provide agricultural products to world markets, which include features such as impact, non-toxic, odorless, low weight and high strength, as well as approval of numerous health organizations in the world such as FDA.
Carton Plast has the honor of offering worthwhile services in the event of advertise and distribution of manufacturing products to producers and importers by designing and producing standing and classified stands in various designs and shapes by using UV colors and silk printing machines.
The basic factors of using these sheets in car industry are flexibility, strength, plasticity and cheapness. Iran Carton Plast Company is cooperating with domestic and foreigner part makers and car makers by purveying sheets with a thickness of 6 Mile and 1600 Gr/m2. PP Hollow Sheets are used in seats and floor of car trunk and interior doors in car industry.
Carton Plast has a very important role in providing coating services for aviculture by producing PP Nano sheets with thickness of 6 Mile and 1200 Gr/m2 because this product is washable and is insulator of heat and cold in these places.
Because of high resistance, high strength and unique beauty of PP Hollow Sheet, it is used for back of the refrigerator and packing home furniture in home appliances industry.