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Product Features

The lightness of this production is Equivalent to a sixth glass and a third Acrylic and is excellent to be used for construction costs and decoration and so on.

This product can be produced in different colors.

This sheets have high flexibility and they can be arced both in length and width. But to avoid folding it is better to arced it longitudinally.

This product can be used for packing different types of productions because it has high resistance to bearing High weight, and high tolerance and high durability of this production has brought great transformation to packing manufacture.

This production can be washed by water and detergents and it has no negative effect on PP Hollow Sheet.

No toxic has been used in producing this product and these sheets has no danger to human health and can be used for packing foodstuff.
Attention: it must be sterilized before being used at pharmaceutical and food industries.

PP Hollow Sheet is totally odorless and it does not absorb the smell of environment.

It can be printed on in variable designs and colors with Silk-screen method and has a remarkable longevity so it is perfect to be used for billboards and stand.

PP Hollow sheet can be cut with a simple blade or be die-cut like cardboard cards by cutting machine or even can be attached with Stapler, glue, plastic welding and so on.

PP Hollow sheet can keep its flexibility, softness and shape if it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

PP Hollow Sheet does not burn at high temperatures rather it melts, therefore it functions as a barrier and prevent rapid growth of fire if any accident happens.

These sheets vulnerability and resistance is 200 times higher than glass and 7.5 times higher than the acrylic.

This product is made of polypropylene so it has high resistance against chemicals. (For details of these chemicals click here)

This product prevents heat from passing through and is widely used in the construction industry to prevent the loss of energy.

These sheets completely prevents the passage of water and moisture. Therefore it has a great usage at conservatories, pools and so on.

Because of the reticulated structure of the product and the air inside its pages, it can be used as sound insulator.

If the PP Hollow Sheet be produced in low range it will be flexible and can be packed in rolls and occupies less space.

Due to customer’s order special materials is used at producing the production that prevents sun’s ultraviolet rays and increases its resistance against sunlight.

This product is totally recyclable.

This product is produced with standard materials that is confirmed by FDA.

This product can be used as layer of productions in longitudinal layers.

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